Author Ruth P. Watson @ the AARL 06/28/12

The Auburn Avenue Research Library will host author Ruth P. Watson, who will discuss her latest publication, Blackberry Days of Summer.  An exciting historical whodunit, the novel, set in Jefferson County, Virginia, begins at the funeral of Robert Parker, a young black man who was mysteriously murdered. Trouble arrives when Carrie, Robert’s sister, reveals a disturbing secret that will haunt and change the lives of their family forever.

Ruth P. Watson grew up at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, in Lynchburg, Virginia. In her spare time, she has always enjoyed reading and writing, and listening to good stories.  After leaving Virginia for college, she relocated to Atlanta, and worked as a project manager for a major corporation. While there she found herself writing once again, publishing stories in the company newsletter.  Ruth is currently living in Atlanta, Georgia and has written for local publications such as Upscale magazine and the Atlanta Journal and Constitution.  You can find more info about Ruth P. Watson by visiting

Auburn Avenue Research Library

101 Auburn Avenue, NE

Atlanta, GA 30303



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