Watch: Black Russians-The Red Experience

Ok, technically this isn’t about a book but a post that relates to a book that we recently posted about Frederick Bruce Thomas, the son of former slave, who left the south after the murder of his father and eventually found himself and freedom in color-blind Russia.

The film, Black Russians-The Red Experience , explores “…the lives and experiences of the black Americans who went to the Soviet Union during the Stalinist era in search of an ideal life. Escaping from racism and the Great Depression, they dove into new lives, having “nothing to lose” and no reason to turn back. Did they find what they were looking for? Their descendants who live in Russia and America today will share a story of their ancestors as well as their own.”

(Many thanks to the folks over at Shadow and Act for posting this.)


3 thoughts on “Watch: Black Russians-The Red Experience

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  2. I watched the 10 minute clip of the documentary. I found it intriguing. I saw a blog today that contains a film about an African couple, both doctors, who live in a tiny rural Russian village….I look forward to learning new Black history facts too.

  3. I`m loving all of the black history month posts! So exciting to go beyond the history textbooks like this. Anyone else excited?

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