SPOOK, A Literary Magazine

Spook, founded by Jason Parham, is a biannual literary magazine conceived by minority writers and artists, a sort of literary arts mixtape.  Upon its debut in June 2012, Spook was hailed by the Los Angeles Review of Books as “an invaluable contribution to the cultural conversation.” The magazine operates as a space for alternative voices and remixes traditional formats, a sort of literary arts mixtape (think The Paris Review meets Wax Poetics, or better yet: a Lucille Clifton verse set to a Madlib beat).

Issue 1 features rhapsodies from Patrice Evans (Negropedia), Justin Torres (We The Animals), Rembert Browne (Grantland.com), Tavia Nyong’o (The Amalgamation Waltz: Race, Performance, and the Ruses of Memory), Warsan Shire (Teaching My Mother How To Give Birth) and Kyla Marshell (Cave Canem Fellow), among others. Spook is the essence, the pulse—it is a brilliant dissonance of ideas and art that contain no bound, an ever-evolving dialog between past and present.

Issue 2 features rhapsodies from Peter James Hudson, Rembert Browne, Michael A. Gonzales, Lenore Bell, Robert Bland, fiction by Aaron Michael Morales and Geoff Mak, poetry from Sidony O’Neal, as well as art by Kajahl Benes, Zayna Daze and Kameelah Janan Rasheed, among others.

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3 thoughts on “SPOOK, A Literary Magazine

  1. Haven’t been able to locate the submission guidelines. How does one submit fiction to Spook?

    • I’m not sure. I’d first start with trying to find contact info with the editor that’s in charge of the genre in which you write. Their website lists all they’re contributing writers and I’d try reaching out to them as well. Doing a simple search with their name and a keyword like “author” or “writer” should yield some contact info, even if it’s just a Twitter handle. Best of luck.

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