Worth the Read Review: Odysella Empress of Nar Book 1

Now Introducing: Author Shirley Hardy-Leonard

About the Book

Odysella  is a futuristic tale about two young people; Odysella, a 23rd century farm girl thrust into her destiny as an intergalactic leader and War B, a handsome rapper from Chicago, whose group Floss Angeles is in the midst of a comeback tour but ends up involved in a military mission with Odysella to save her planet of Nar. Odysella brings the past of hip-hop and politics slamming into the future much like a deadly asteroid.

The journey she goes on to discover her newfound destiny is filled with adventure that holds your interest.  Upon discovering her new charge in life, Odysella accepts it with great dignity and seeks help from War B and his rap group, but not everyone in the group is willing to help Odysella.

The book ends in a dramatic cliffhanger, leaving the reader with many unanswered questions.  Do they survive the firey ending?  Does Odysella learn to enjoy rap music? Will their families be safe?  All these questions should be answered over the next three installments of the series.  No word yet when book two is due out.

The book is a short read at just 57 pages, but at it’s core is a great novel, bringing the past and future together, for teens and young adults. There were some moments, as with most books, where the story drags a bit, but quickly pulls you back in a few pages later.  The slang terminology felt a little forced in its authenticity, and can be a little distracting, but again, the book seems to be targeted towards young adult readers so the usage of contemporary colloquialisms is expected here.

So…is it worth the read??

We say YES.

Worth Read Scale: 3.0 out of 5

Be sure to get your copy of Oydsella: Empress of Nar!


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