Nikki Giovanni, A Tattoo, And More

The legendary Nikki Giovanni has been granted countless accolades like, Woman of the Year by Essence, Outstanding Woman of Tennessee, Ohio Hall of Fame, NAACP Image Award, and many more, for her incredible leadership and publications. Kanye even shouted her out in Dear Mama!

“If you’re bored, you’re not paying attention.” She says on Sway in the Morning after speaking on her accolades.

Chasing Utopia is the name of her newest book, which she stopped by Sway in the Morning to speak about. She explained to us that the book is mainly about the relationship she had with her Mother, & that “Utopia” is named after what is, arguably, the best beer — which runs at about $300.

Nikki is a fan of hip hop, and proved by reciting a piece of her famous poem, All Eyez on U, dedicated to Tupac Shakur. In fact, she even showed the crew her only tattoo — “Thug Life,” which is tatted on her left forearm.

Watch above for more, plus why she is upset with The White House.



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