Little League Pitcher Mo’ne Davis Signing Copies of Her Memoir



In August 2014, Mo’ne Davis became the first female pitcher to win a game in the Little League World Series and the first Little Leaguer to be featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated, and a month later she earned a place in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. She was thirteen years old.

This inspiring memoir from a girl who learned to play baseball with the boys and rose to national stardom before beginning eighth grade will encourage young readers to reach for their dreams no matter the odds. Mo’ne’s story is one of determination, hard work, and an incredible fastball. Mo’ne is a multisport athlete who also plays basketball and soccer and is an honor-roll student at her school in Philadelphia.

With an eight-page full-color photo insert and an exclusive keepsake poster, this memoir celebrates our fascination with baseball in a story of triumph to be shared with generations of young readers to come.

Watch the trailer for the Spike Lee directed documentary about Davis below.


March 21, 2015| 2:00 PM| 1805 Walnut Street Philadelphia, PA


TV and Radio Personality Angie Martinez Signing Copies of Healthy Latin Eating



In this exciting, one-of-a-kind cookbook, radio and TV personality Angie Martinez and acclaimed chef Angelo Sosa join together to offer you over 100 innovative and delicious recipes that blend the art of Latin cooking with healthy eating. Based on the sexy, spicy, and satisfying foods they cherish from their Cuban, Dominican, and Puerto Rican backgrounds, Angie and Angelo remix classic recipes like ropa viejo and arroz con pollo so everyone can enjoy eating the food they’ve grown up with, but without the guilt.

As Angie writes in her introduction, this is not a diet book! Instead she is thrilled to share her personal passion about clean and healthy living with the Latin community. Despite its bold flavors and fresh ingredients, Latin cuisine has never exactly been known as “light.” Once Angie and Angelo combined forces, they knew they could share a balance of the old and the new in dishes like Shrimp and Papaya Ceviche and Silken Soymilk Flan, or beverages such as the No-Guilt Mojito, alongside deep-rooted family recipes like Angie’s grandmother’s Crispy Tostones and Angelo’s tía Carmen’s Dominican Fish Stew. There’s something for everyone in this beautifully photographed cookbook, whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, gluten free or an omnivore looking for lighter fare.



February 26, 2015| 6:00 PM|97 Warren Street NY, NY

#WorththeRead: New Releases for February

Ritual2017 is nearing a close, and it seems as if the world is about to end. Dogs are howling in the streets, birds are dropping from the sky, and all of a sudden the power goes out. Everywhere. In everything. Except for a few people, who seem to have prepared for this. And who clearly have an agenda all their own.

Neil Anapa is an NYC subway electrician. When someone blows up an army base, and the city’s power goes out, he finds himself dragged into a world of conspiracy and danger. Sandra Keane, his ex-girlfriend, seems to know something about what’s going on, judging from her strange phone messages, but she has problems of her own. And then there’s Lindsay Fonacia, a researcher who has just landed an intriguing new project—one that might yield age-old answers to the very calamities they’re facing, and to the plot Neil has become wrapped up in.

Can they figure out what’s going on and save the world—and themselves—from an ancient ritual and the people who seem determined to carry it out at any cost?

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LostTreasuresofR&B-currentProfessional bodyguard D Hunter takes a gig protecting rapper Asya Roc at an underground fight club in poverty-stricken Brownsville, Brooklyn. Unknown to D, the rapper has arranged to purchase illegal guns at the event. An acquaintance of D from the streets (and from the novelThe Plot Against Hip Hop) named Ice turns out to be the courier.

During the exchange a robbery is attempted. Ice is wounded. D gets Asya Roc to safety but is then chased by two gunmen because he has the bag containing the guns. This lethal chase ends under the elevated subway where D and the two gunmen run into a corrupt detective named Rivera. A bloody shootout ensues.

D, who has just moved back to Brooklyn after decades in Manhattan, finds himself involved in multiple mysteries. Who were the gunmen? Why were they after the guns? Who was being set up—Asya Roc or Ice? Meanwhile, he gets a much-needed paying assignment to track down the rarest soul music single ever recorded.

With gentrifying Brooklyn as the backdrop, D works to unravel various mysteries—both criminal and musical—while coming to terms with the failure of his security company and the ghosts of his childhood in “old Brooklyn.” Like its predecessors The Accidental Hunter and The Plot Against Hip Hop, The Lost Treasures of R&B uses pop music as the backdrop for a noir-flavored big-city tale.

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